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Reading Recovery: Scaling Up What Works funds many of the professional development costs for teachers in national Reading Recovery training programs use as instruments. Click here for more information about Reading Recovery in the United States.

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Latest News from the i3 Press Room

February, 2013

In 2010, the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University was awarded a 45 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Innovation in order to scale up Reading Recovery across the nation. Generous corporate and private donors contributed the required 20 percent match of $10 million.

The project is delivering strong effects that are considerably higher than those typically produced by educational interventions. Dr. Jerome D’Agostino, grant director, and Dr. Emily Rodgers, co-director, report that researchers conducting a rigorously designed study found i3 Reading Recovery students are learning at a rate between 120% and 166% faster than typical rates of learning for first-graders.

Early Impact Results from the External Evaluation of the i3 Scale-Up of Reading Recovery (PDF)

Across the nation 19 university partners are currently coordinating Reading Recovery training in more than 30 states. At the start of this school year, the grant’s third year, 2,085 teachers have been trained in Reading Recovery or are in training, with i3 funds. The majority of these teachers are working in high-need schools such as buildings that are persistently underperforming or that enroll high numbers of English language learners.

The grant directors also report that the grant is on track for reaching its ultimate goal of 3,690 teachers by the end of the five years. The total number of recruited i3 teachers represents 95% of where we should be at this time. Given the late award date in 2010, along with some tough economic times, the success rate is high.

Best of all, by the grant’s end, almost 90,000 low-progress, first-grade children will be on the path to literacy success. The national Reading Recovery network of university trainers, teacher leaders and site coordinators envisioned the teacher scale-up effort to achieve exactly this: widespread, short-term reading instruction for the many children at risk of failure. They also ensured that the training impacts the teachers’ other daily instructional duties. As a result, an additional 400,000 children are expected to benefit from these highly trained literacy specialists.

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