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Reading Recovery Professional Development for Teachers

An i3 grant applicant must first qualify to train in the Reading Recovery professional development program. This process is separate from the EBAC grant application. A teacher enrolled in Reading Recovery training has met qualifications as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines of Reading Recovery in the United States (6th Ed.), published at the Reading Recovery Council of North America, and the designated Reading Recovery university training center’s selection policies.

Upon acceptance into a certified Reading Recovery professional development program, the teacher works with her or his teacher leader or university trainer in order to apply to the i3 Reading Recovery: Scaling Up What Works grant. If the applicant’s building meets grant criteria, that teacher-in-training will qualify for i3 professional development funds and other grant benefits as outlined in the designated i3 partner university’s Memorandum of Agreement. (See i3 Reading Recovery Fast Fact Sheet.)

i3 Grant Applications

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Teacher Leaders or UTC Trainers please click here for online i3 grant application for your accepted teachers-in training.

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